Current public commission-status:




Commission rules:




please check out the price section below. I don't work for free and you won't find any free commissions here.
Also: i dont accept "exposure" as valid payment :-)


I don't send hi-res images before the payment is 100% completed. For previews i will send lowres JPEGS (usually watermarked)


I don't hand out unmerged PSD- or any other layer-based-files. If you ask for a .psd or a .tiff you will receive a merged file. If you want access to a specific single layer of an image (maybe to change the color of an element by yourself), you can ask me in advance to do this kind of preparation.


I ask for 50% payment in advance and the other 50% when the image is done. If the commission is canceled halfway through the work process by the client before the image, i will keep the 50%. Should i - for whatever reason - not be able to finish a commission, i will refund any payment made in advance off course. Payments are done via Paypal or bank account transfer.


i reserve the right to decline any commission at anytime




What i do:


Digital imaging:

Sketches and colorized images

Character- and creature design

General digital art

Logo designs

T attoo-designs



3D moddeling:

Low- and highpoly base models

Digital sculpts


Gameready assets



What i dont do:


Hentai, NSFW, furry, porn, fetish and anything else that goes that way

Hyperrealistic - simply because i can't do it well/fast enough

Environment Design - same as above

Hardsurface sculpting and technical moddeling





I usually charge per character, based on an average pricing of 20 dollar/hr. Elements that will greatly increase the price are coloring, amout of details, backgrounds, composition and the resolution of the image.




Half-body/sketch/lineart :


Full body/sketch/lineart


Half-body/color/low detail:


Full body/color/low detail


Half-body/color/high detail:


Full body/color/high detail



Background: 35-60$

Compositing: 20-40$

(varies on complexity, size and effort)


Regular gameasset/no texture/no highpoly :


Hero gameasset/no texture/no highpoly :


Regular gameasset texturing:


Hero gameasset texturing :


Regular gameasset highpoly:


Hero gameasset highpoly:



Rendered beautyshot & compositing: +35$ (per shot)

Turntable: +45$

3D-sculpted creature art:

Ask for price

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