I created this page myself using Adobe Muse to showcase some of my work and take commissions.



To my person: i own a diploma and a Bachelor of Art degree in "Gameart & Animation" and currently consider doing a Master degree next. I live in Switzerland, been a lifelong gamer, movienerd and started digital imaging 30 years ago, using the software "Deluxe Paint" on my AMIGA 500. Games like Monkey Island, Loom or Day of the Tentacle and artists such as Yoji Shinkawa or H.R. Giger inspired me to start drawing.


 At around 1998 i went into 3D and started my first projects with "Milkshape" and the landscape-creator "Bryce". Today my favorite tools are Blender and ZBrush. I also  obtained a diploma in Visual C++ programming, but i am not a programmer at all. I attended a few design- and art-classes, but i am mainly a self-learned artist.


Besides my study i work as a freelance digital artist. Please see "Commissions"-section to read about my rules and if i am currently open for commissions. In the "Home"-section you can find various examples of my work coming along from my study or private projects. The "Contact"-sheet leads you to social-media-links to view more of my work or contact me.


I am currently working on my Fiverr-presence and soon you should be able to commission me on fiver.com. I also plan on selling various 3D-models and other assets on Sketchfab, Turbosquid or Artstation in the near future. Stay tuned!



The software i use to work with are:


Blender - ZBrush - Photoshop - After Effects - InDesign - Clip Studio Paint

Substance Painter - Marmoset - Unreal Engine 4





┬ęTobias Zimmer 2021